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Levitra acquisto online : Cinevania - La mise en scéne, le premier pas de l'année: - - - - - - - - - The first episode of the Star Trek series, "The Cage" debuted in June 1966. For those of us born after the series ended in 1969 (who watched it on VHS, for example), this show remains as generic viagra canada online pharmacy important a moment in our collective youth as the debut of Six Million Dollar Man in 1964. Here are some fun facts, drawn from The Six Million Dollar Man Movie Fact Book by John Mollo, that we never quite got to see depicted on-screen. 1. The final shot of series finale at the exact moment that Leonard Nimoy's character would have reached freedom (via the Enterprise's warp drive) is one of the reasons that fans insist there Where can i buy maxitrol eye drops uk could never or should have been a second season of the series. (Actually, even if we were given another season they would have run out of time to do it; they only had about 10 months to shoot the show.) 2. The "Captain Kirk" logo on Enterprise's bridge used to glow like a bright green glow. It was so bright that a young Robert Picardo — who had just finished his work at the set as a model builder — would have to wear a light-proof helmet in order to be able see it. 3. The script for series finale stated that the ship would be able to launch and retrieve a "warp ship": "The space ship will launch and fly back to our home planet, then we will retrieve the ship and carry it to Earth." In fact, Nimoy originally shot the whole movie with Enterprise landing on Earth while flying a tractor-beam. He would later have the tractor beam removed for budgetary reasons, and a scene was subsequently filmed where Kirk and Spock, who were still in the ship, are shown running away while the Enterprise leaves atmosphere of Earth. 4. The "Nexus" Enterprise's bridge was built on the Paramount lot to take advantage of a large piece outdoor space, and was painted white to blend in so that it looked like a ship in science-fiction scenario. 5. According to William Shatner, during the making of series finale, Paramount asked him to pretend be Leonard Nimoy levitra acquisto online for his scene with Nimoy. So they filmed Shatner walking the camera on Enterprise bridge Levitra 60 Pills 100mg $249 - $4.15 Per pill while holding a mirror (Nimoy didn't want to be seen at all, because he did not want to be filmed by the camera of a young director, William Shatner; he wanted his first film to be a self-made movie on his own terms). 6. The first shot that we saw of the Enterprise landing on Earth was not shot at the Enterprise bridge, but during original filming of the scene in cave — same where Spock died. 7. The episode where Enterprise crew is transported to the Genesis Planet was originally titled "The Genesis Factor". 8. Kirk's line to Spock, "If you choose me you'll end up with a woman like me," was not said by Kirk, nor was it.

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